At Symphony Retirement Partners, LLC we know we're not the only firm offering retirement plan consulting to plan sponsors. Irrespective of whether you are offering a 401(k) or 403(b) plan we follow a well thought out process to support you in all key areas.

While our competitors offer a similar list of services, we believe that who we are and how we operate is what sets us apart.

Plan Design

We are dedicated to helping improve the retirement readiness of your retirement plan participants. While there is no "one-size-fits-all" plan design solution, a well designed plan can be the difference between decent outcomes, and something more exceptional.

Fiduciary Support

Prudence requires that plan sponsors become educated in each area of responsibility, and take actions that are prudent and taken exclusively in the best interest of participants and beneficiaries, while documenting actions that have been taken over time. Our approach identifies potential weakness in a plan and assists with correcting any deficiencies through education, diligence and process.

Vendor Analysis and Benchmarking

Selecting a service provider is one of the most critical fiduciary decisions a plan sponsor must make. Writing a Request for Proposal is as much an art as a science. We serve as your advocate throughout the process, from developing the selection criteria to evaluating proposals and managing the conversion, to assure a best fit outcome.

Participant Support

A retirement plan's ultimate objective in to empower plan participants with the resources to retire with confidence. We collaborate with each plan sponsor, the retirement plan provider, and the plan participants to support a financial wellness programs that can be comprehensive, compelling and fun! The goal is to help participants become more engaged and better informed so that they are more likely to take positive action leading to better outcomes for all.

Investment Oversight

Without a sound investment due diligence process, plan fiduciaries may be personally liable for poor employee investment returns. We help plan sponsors mitigate this liability by putting disciplined systems in place for every step of the investment process.