Mathews CPA 401(k) Plan - ID: IRK172052

Welcome to Mathews CPA 401(k) Plan.   Listed below is a brief video overview of the plan.  Also attached is the enrollment guide and the participant fee disclosure notice.  Please take some time to review these and schedule some time with me if you have any questions about the plan features and benefits.   A link is provided below to help you schedule an online meeting.  Please let me know if you would prefer to meet in person.

Plan Information

Attached please find additional detail on the 401(K) plan.  I hope you find it helpful for your decision making process.

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Enrollment Guide

The enrollment guide provides step by step directions on how to enroll via your computer or a mobile app.

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Fee Disclosure

Here is the initial fee disclosure statement.  It is is updated regularly and available on the participant website.

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